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We are your partner in Customer Acqusition, e-Commerce and Digital Direct Marketing. As a Partner of the World´s largest permission based Digital Marketing Network we can offer you over 500.000 receivers for your digital message.

UPDATE 31.12.2015: The coming European GDPR legistelation has a strong effect on our everyday business operations and therefore we are forced to hold the sales of new campaigns. The ongoing campaigns are ran until the planned end date of a current campaign. More info is updated in our pages as the legistelation goes forward.

UPDATE 31.12.2017: The GDPR rules are to be adopted in every Union country in the beginning of 2018. The new legistelation has strong demands for handling people's data as well as strict guidelines for using the data in marketing purporses. The data used for marketing has been the core business of Benefitor since our growth began in 2006.

After the GDPR is adopted it would cause risks and damage to our way of doing business and therefore we have decided to close the company at the end of this year. The operative business has ended already during the year. You can still contact the founders of the company through the contact email as long as the domain and this site is online.

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